Biking in London - A Catalog of City Picks' Best London Bike Rides

There are so many reasons to get on your bike this summer. It feels liberating to discover London this way, one ride at a time. 

From my recollection, my first bike was when I was 5 year old young nipper, proudly riding high on one of those kids bikes with stabilizers, what else. I remember my mum telling me on my first ride that I could only take a ride down our street. That soon disappeared (no idea where) and the next bike was a BMX, a great bike for stunts, trying to jump over random things and pretty useful for getting those 5am papers delivered on time, just. On the downside, slow as mud to get around. 

So now I have upgraded to something a little more fit for purpose, a road bike.

I personally love going through the streets and seeing new things and taking my bike out on the weekend to somewhere a bit remote. 

Now why has London become such a hot spot for cycling. 

  1. To discover London faster, I have found that you can see and discover so much 
  2. To save money on transport
  3. To get out of the busy parts of London for the weekend, you can ride from Zone 1 Hammersmith to Surrey - Leith Hill in only 3 hours, which is half the distance to Brighton, then take a train home or visa versa. 
  4. To build up those much needed leg muscles, and takes care of any unused gym membership 
  5. To help save the planet, more bikes and less cars
  6. To get to work faster perhaps, if you have seen the episode of Top Gear where they each race to get from one end of London to another via car, speed boat, train and bike. The bike won that race and Richard Hammond ungracefully won bragging rights!
  7. To deliver pizzas, deliveroo style. 

TFL has everything you need to get into cycling including some great cycling routes and is really useful to stay up-to-date with London Cycling. 

Here is where my first route took me. This is the first of many. 

15/9/19 - Ladbroke Grove to Richmond Park and Back - 22.8 Miles/1:55 minutes

Ladbroke Grove to Richmond Park and Return - Great London Bike Rides

Kensal Rise to Hampstead Heath - 10.6 Miles Total/55 minutes Riding

London Bike Rides- Hampstead Heath

A view from close to Kenwood House

Hampstead Heath

Ladbroke Grove to Hackney & Back- 16 Miles Total/ 1:30m

Ladbroke Grove to Hackney - Best London Cycle Rides

Ladbroke Grove to Oxford Circus & Back - 8 Miles Total/40m

London Cycling Routes - West to Central

 Little Venice Best Pics

Neasden Temple and Brent Reservoir Bike Ride 

North West London Ride

Neasden Temple - North West London Bike Ride

Brent Reservoir - North West London Bike Rides

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