City Pick's Favourite Vintage Cinemas

Cinema's are such an age old tradition but tastes change as we get older. We love visiting a VUE or Odeon cinema. They usually offer amazing audio and the screen sizes are pretty awesome. But we have been swayed slightly by the vintage cinema scene. Maybe it's the nostalgic feeling you get and the atmosphere that makes you feel slightly like you are in the movie that makes the difference. Or the fact that you can order food to your seat at ease and sit in comfortable seats. 

So here are some our favourite cinemas for you to try and why we really enjoyed the experience. 

Electric Cinema - Portobello Rd

Best Vintage Cinema Experience in London

We watched Date Night and enjoyed wine and beer on a really comfy sofa, the menu had some great hot  'American Diner' options which you can order at the bar inside the cinema very easily. It really felt like an intimate experience, great service all round and left you feeling like you were more part of the film. 

Unlike Vue, the screen is obviously smaller but it's a different experience, it feels more nostalgic and if you want to impress someone special, we think this hits the spot! They also have a gift card which you can surprise someone with if you want to boost up your romance points. 

This old cinema has not lost it's style, it is one of the oldest working cinemas in Britain. It opened it's doors in 1910, the same year that George V became King after Edward VII's death and Herbert Asquith was the Prime Minister. It's first film was Henry VIII. 

Locations: Portobello Rd, Notting Hill and Shoreditch

Prices and Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday Armchairs £20, Front Row Bed for 2 £36, Back Row Sofa for 2 £45. 

Electric Cinema info here


Everyman Hampstead

London's Best Vintage Cinemas For the Weekend

This vintage cinema opened it's doors in 1933. This cinema was threatened with closure in 2000. It was brought by Everyman Cinemas group. 

We watched Quentin Tarantino's Once upon a time in Hollywood and loved the movie and the cinema. The service stood out a lot, as the staff were super friendly, easy going and very attentive. They took our orders with Ipads and the food had a good variety of sharing platters as well as some great comfort food and some brilliant cocktails. 

This cinema does Q&As and has a nice personal touch to it, they opened the film with a guy who said how excited he was to present this film and a few minor details to expect, which was a real nice touch. The seats were comfortable and very spacious and we left feeling like we really were in the film and for this kind of film that was pretty awesome.  

Locations: Hampstead and all over London, Chelmsford, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and many more venues. I would check the reviews as the Hampstead to pick your favourite Everyman venue. 

Prices and Opening Times: £17.20 for an adult ticket. Monday to Sunday. 

Everyman cinema info here

We haven't visited any other ones yet, what we did like about these listed cinemas is that the films were all shown and available Friday to Sunday when we usually enjoy going. Other independent or vintage cinemas don't always offer this service. 


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