Get To Know Our Partners

We sell authentic origin products that support small businesses in Ecuador and beyond. We want to celebrate culture and be a shop-window for these businesses both locally and in the communities we care about abroad.

The products that we sell reflect responsible shopping and we feel our handpicked functional products look great for outdoor use and add a really nice touch to your home decor. 


Our collective values are centered around: 

  • Integrity and trust
  • Entrepreneurship and hard work
  • Care for the communities around us by donations and supporting changemakers 

Beyond Borders Collective

We have teamed up with Beyond Border - an exciting entrepreneur from Quito who is based in Nebraska - to sell a range of authentic native blankets handcrafted by indigenous families from the highlands in Ecuador. These blankets are warm, soft, and have reversible colors! 


Tribal-Deep Navy / Large Blanket


Palm and Peak

Palm and Peak is a company that we really like and where we get a lot of travel inspiration from. Through their products they play their part in keeping this planet safe. Check out their products and use the code PURPOSE19 to get 15% off from your order. 

 P.F. Candle Co.

Founded from the ground up, husband and wife Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger have since grown the business but stay true to their origins and produce their amazing scents and candles handmade in California. Their dream came true after being hit hard by the recession and are now selling worldwide. 

 How She Went From Making Candles in Her Basement to Selling Them at Urban Outfitters




According to Earthday, every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans and every second of every day, a truck load of plastics is being dumped in a developing country that simply doesn't have the capacity to deal with it. Dopper works tirelessly to act as a change-maker in countries around the world through their activism, charity and the products they sell. 

Nepal harbours the second largest fresh water resource in the world. It is therefore pretty ironic that less than half the population have access to safe drinking water. Dopper has installed more than 473 water points and 2,674 toilets, 11,889 people have gotten better access to drinking water, and 19,992 people now have access to sanitary facilities.