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City Picks - Quality Native Blankets, Reusable Bottles, Vegan Candles
City Picks - Quality Native Blankets, Reusable Bottles, Vegan Candles

Cacatua Burgundy Panama Hat

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Our elegant Genuine Panama Hat is handwoven in Ecuador by Montecristi Artisans. Each of these hats takes up to four days to be woven, dependent on how fine the weave is. 

100% natural "Toquilla" straw known for its quality and beauty - whitened with a natural process.

The history of these stylish and iconic hats began in the mid 1600s with the shipment of these hats to the ports of Panama before departing for North America, EU, Asia and beyond. This is where Panama Hats received their world recognition and is now the pride of Ecuador.

Ideal Environment: 
  • Our Panama Hats add an elegant touch to any summer outfit, however casual or formal. Perfect for long days by the beach or by the pool to protect you from the sun. 
Size Guide: 
  • Displayed in South American Sizes in cm: 56 (Small) , 57 (Small to Medium), 58 (Medium), 59 (Medium to Large), 60 (Large), 61 (Large to Extra Large), 62 (Extra Large), 63, 64 (Extra Extra Large). 
  • This hat is 56 (Small) and is most suitable for ladies. 
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Brim: around 12 cm, although sizes can vary slightly because hats are fully hand woven
How To Find Your Right Size?
  • Use a tape measure or some string and wrap around your head at the point that you want the hat to sit (pull the tape snug and see if it feels right). For the majority this is the widest point of your head, about 2cm above your ears, on the upper side of the “lump” in the back of your head and across your forehead. The measurement you will get will be in cm. 
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Classic Brim: around 7cm for a 56cm hat and 8cm for a 60 cm hat. 
  • Materials: 100% natural "Toquilla" straw and a burgundy ribbon grosgrain hatband. 
  • Wipe down the hat with a soft wet cloth such as a facial or baby wipes (to prevent any catching). Do not use brushes, soap or detergent.  
  • If the hat gets creases from travelling or from cleaning, Carefully use an iron on steamed mode, place on top of a lightly wet cloth to bring back the hat to its natural shape. 
**Ethically made